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Information for Injured Workers
Injured Workers

The State of California Labor Code 4600 3209.3
Requires Acupuncture Treatment be available to you.

Physicians, Claims Examiners and Case Managers must understand that acupuncture is applicable in a variety of soft tissue injuries and is advantageous to those injured workers suffering with chronic pain and restrictions in range of motion. Despite consulting some of the finest specialists, receiving conventional treatment modalities and medications for extended periods of time, a great number of injured workers continue to experience pain.

Acupuncture has recently withstood the rigorous demands of the Workers’ Compensation System, and has proven effective. Therefore, acupuncture is not to be considered a "novelty" saved for the rare time a you, the patient requests it. In order to provide the best care possible, which should be every Health Care Providers volition, the Treating Physician must inform their patients that acupuncture is available to them when all else fails. That Physician must consider what is best for the patient, regardless of his or her bias or lack of knowledge of acupuncture treatment, they must not discard the facts, and the fact are acupuncture is a viable, time honored, effective form of treatment.

For any injured worker struggling with chronic pain, who has not experienced lasting relief from the customary surface stimulation techniques such as ultrasound, electro muscle stimulation, manipulation, heat, etc. It is in the Treating Physicians best interest to refer that patient for a trial of acupuncture. Acupuncture provides more precision and depth in the treatment of unresolved muscle spasms, adhesions and the various complications associated with soft tissue injuries.

Greg C. Bieg, Lic. Ac. has been successfully treating soft tissue Industrial Injuries for 21 years in San Diego County. With that clinical experience, there is, in all probability, a safe, effective treatment plan for you.



Request your Primary Treating Physician refer you for acupuncture treatment. You do not have to suffer any longer!