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Information for Personal Injury Attorneys and their Clients

Utilization of Acupuncture in the
The Treatment of Personal Injuries

Many Attorneys represent clients concerned with the continuation, or even worsening of the pain they experience as a result of their Personal Injury. So why do they continue to suffer with chronic pain despite consulting some of the finest specialists in the county? One reason is that although there are many diagnostic tools available to the personal injury patient, they do not always provide us with an etiology or a discernible anatomical abnormality. There is a point when they question how their injury can effectively be resolved

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Computerized Tomography, Nerve Conductive Testing, all have their limitations. Many patients suffering from chronic pain are afflicted with such muscular dysfunction as adhesions, spasms, or entrapments. Often these disorders cannot be demonstrated by standard diagnostic tests. If undiagnosed and left untreated nerve entrapments produce chronic and often debilitating symptoms. Many patients will adopt antalgic postures to alleviate some of the discomfort, this in turn produces additional pain symptoms as antagonistic musculature is overloaded.

Understanding that acupuncture is applicable in a variety of soft tissue injuries is advantageous to Attorneys whose clients present recalcitrant cases. Acupuncture is not a "novelty" saved for the rare time a client requests it, the Attorney should inform patients that acupuncture is available to them and often can provide effective relief.

When clients suffer despite conventional physical therapy and medications, acupuncture is indicated. Acupuncture offers more precision in the treatment of injuries that harm deep musculature. Customary surface stimulation techniques, ultrasound, electro muscle stimulation, heat, etc. are sometimes limited in the efficacy and cannot fully resolve stubborn myospasms or adhesions caused by muscle strains and injuries involving deeper tissues.

Customary acupuncture treatment plans for Chronic Pain range between 18 and 24 treatments administered over a 4 to 8 week period and depends on the degree of damage and the patients rate of response. Acupuncture treatment is cost effective and can be very attractive to your clients, lower medical bills provides them a greater reward.