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Bieg Health and Fitness Professional Personal Training   
Professional Personal Training

"It's not business, It's PERSONAL"

Escondido, CA
Serving Inland North County

Linda and Greg C. Bieg

Congratulations, you have just taken the first step to developing a stronger, leaner, healthier body.


THE BEST WORKOUT IN THE WORLD: You've seen the T.V. commercials, visited the websites, read research articles and testimonials. But the simple fact is, the only exercise program that produces any results is the program in which you actively participate. Any individual reporting their success on any exercise program, is a direct result of their participation in that program. And it doesn't happen overnight, you must be consistant, patient and remain motivated.
Please do not be fooled into believing someone or some program out there is going to QUICKLY, get you in shape. We have personally taken years to develop our own bodies into the condition you see in the photo above.

It takes dedication and discipline to STAY in shape, you must decide for yourself, whether or not you are willing to make the commitment to improve your physical appearance by accepting a healthier lifestyle.
We are only dedicated to those individuals who are serious about their fitness programs. If you are interested in the highest quality Professional Personal Fitness Training, Bieg Health and Fitness is your only choice, free of the interruptions and distractions common in the large health clubs. The studio is tucked away in a residential neighborhood for the utmost in privacy.

Provided by Licensed/Certified Professionals: Our programs provide personalized fitness training for individuals with the desire to improve their physical appearance, increase their strength and athletic performance or assist in their recovery from an injury. With over 30 years experience in physical fitness, we offer time tested methods that get results. We utilize a comprehensive approach to fitness through stretching, weight training and some very useful principles from Martial Arts. We understand the diverse needs of individuals, therefore we custom design our fitness programs to fit your desires. This is especially appealing for those with physical limitations.

Specialized Exercise Program for Muscle Strains and Injuries: Unlike other Fitness Centers, we offer programs to address any pain or injuries you may present. Following evaluation of your current fitness level, we determine which major muscle groups to target. If your job or daily activities require a repetitive movement, for example, bending, stooping or twisting movements, we utilize exercises which strengthen the low back as well as the lower extremities. If the demands require upper extremity involvement, hands wrists, or fingers, emphasis is placed on increasing not only strength but flexibility, especially in the forearms and wrists. Clinically, marked improvement is noted in repetitive strain disorders with such a protocol. A major factor in the success of the program is due to the attention to antagonistic muscle groups. Balancing strength throughout skeletal muscle cannot be over emphasized. It lessens the work load especially evident in repetitive type activities. An imbalance usually results in strain in the weaker group, causing the naturally stronger group to overwork, thus strain. A common result is pain, spasm and inflammation of connective tissue. The same is true of lumbar strains, they are usually the result of weakness in the abdominal muscles, hips and lower extremities, our focus it to strengthen all the muscle groups that are required for a specific activities. Left untreated, muscle strains only worsen, often resulting in active, painful trigger points. We offer customized fitness programs, which address your aches and pains, improve flexibility, promote health and manage bodyweight.

Additional Professional Health Related Services: We offer a variety custom health and fitness programs. Simply click on "Contact Us" at the top of the page and let us know how we can assist you in reaching your health and fitness goals. Product information, meal planning and preparation are important issues for long term success in a weight management program. Our comprehensive one on one programs produce a high rate of success. Exercise equipment assessment, the quality and dependability is an important issue often overlooked. If you have physical limitations there are several exercises and types of equipment you should avoid. We provide our clients/patients the knowledge needed when making such an important decision.