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Welcome to the website
"San Diego County's Leading Acupuncture Provider"

Physicians' Choice Acupuncture
Since 1988

With offices in San Diego East County and Escondido, Physicians' Choice Acupuncture has provided quality acupuncture treatment for patients suffering with chronic pain since 1988. This reputation created a well established network of Orthopedic Surgeons, Family Practitioners, Chiropractors, Pain Management Specialists, Rheumatologists, and Neurologists.

These Physicians throughout San Diego County refer their patients with confidence, knowing they will receive the best possible drug free treatment. This is especially important for patients who are currently taking several prescription medications or have an aversion to a particular pain medication. In addition, acupuncture can assist in addressing some of the possible side effects patients might be experiencing.

There are many highly successful treatment plans available for a variety of pain disorders. If your pain is effecting your quality of life, if you are experiencing chronic muscle or joint pain, you should give acupuncture treatment a chance to help you.

When is it time to choose acupuncture?
You've undoubtedly heard stories of how acupuncture has helped a friend or relative, but how do you know if it is right for you?
Here are some examples you suffer with chronic pain and have tried all conventional treatment modalities. Have you relied on prescription medication for several months or even years? If your pain is a result of an injury and all diagnostic studies are inconclusive, it is conceivable your symptoms are caused soft tissue complications. If you fit into one of these categories, acupuncture may be your only option short of living with the pain.

For 5000 years, despite all the medical advancements,
acupuncture has withstood the test of time.

What is nonspecific pain?
This is a condition which can result when irritated or damaged tissue produce a noxious stimuli that bombards the central nervous system. This irritation produces a reverberating circuit which in turn creates a self-perpetuation continuation of the pain sensation. This phenomenon might explain the memory of pain in the central nervous system well after the original tissue injury has healed. It may also explain why physicians are often puzzled by patients complaining of pain sometimes years after an injury. Acupuncture treatment rendered at regular intervals stimulate the release of a variety of neurochemical pain control substances which somehow remained inactive during the agitation created by the reverberating circuit. Therefore acupuncture has proven to be highly successful in treating injuries involving strained, scarred or inflamed tendons,nerves or muscles.

There are effective, highly successful treatment options for individuals suffering with chronic pain.

What about other common ailments?

Muscle Strains perhaps the most common cause of pain is a muscle strain, whether it is the result of a recreational adventure, or employment. Often these complaints are in the form of a muscle spasm or "trigger point" (a area painful to the touch) commonly found in the trapezius and neck muscles. These strains can occur in several areas of the body and can effect the upper extremities, especially when repetitive movement
is involved. Hours of data entry are responsible for thousands of strain/sprain injuries to the forearms, wrists, hands and fingers. Acupuncture successfully treats these complaints.

Emotional Stress not only prolongs, but often compounds pain. Acupuncture causes a release of endorphins, hormones released by the brain and are responsible for reducing the sensation of pain as well as having a positive effect the emotions.

Headaches are a common form of discomfort and can effectively be treated with acupuncture. Over the counter pain relievers are fine for temporary relief, however, if experienced over a prolonged period of time, one must seek the appropriate specialist to rule out any serious organic causes. Active treatment is essential in the release of components vital to healing. Acupuncture can either reduce the frequency or often completely eliminate chronic headache.

Weight Management is difficult for many individuals. If you constantly struggle with your weight, I invite you to read

"You can lose inches with our Specialized Acupuncture Treatment Plan"

Physicians’ Choice Acupuncture offers a comprehensive programmed designed to treat the individual, not just their weight problem. There are no complicated diets to follow and no meal replacements. What is required is the desire to learn how to select the appropriate foods, thus the ability to avoid foods which are not conducive to your weight loss goals. When working with thousands of individuals over the years, we have learned that most people do not understand how to prepare their meals. It is the preparation that determines whether or not it should be included in your program. The best example is chicken, fried with the skin on and breaded, is not acceptable, roasted skinless, is an excellent choice. The same is true with a wide variety of foods, participants in our program learn how to make the wise choice.
The utilization of prescribed acupuncture points assist individuals in several ways. Acupoints are selected to notify the digestive system, eliminate carvings, regulate the appetite and support water metabolism. Another very important issue is the effect the program has on mental activity. A common cause for eating disorders is process occurring in the mind. The phrase "comfort food" describes it best. And it is the comfort food that is detrimental not only physically, but mentally. By attempting to comfort yourself you have actually destroyed the discipline needed to achieve your weight loss goals. In fact, once you realize what you’ve done, you feel worse than you did before. Each time you surrender to that urge, you have stalled the momentum toward you goal.

During acupuncture treatment entails the insertion of very fine (38 gauge) sterile needles into select area on the ear and body. As a result, the brain releases endorphins, serotonin and other neurotransmitters producing a natural sense of well being, providing the focus and mental clarity necessary to avoid those times to veer off course. Additional benefits of the chemicals released during treatment aid in digestion, assimilation and elimination. This includes the breakdown of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. More efficient absorption of nutrients results in a healthier, leaner body. Other benefits include improved control over the appetite, cravings and attachments to particular foods.

Dietary guidelines are established, to educate the patient on the proper preparation of foods they consume, as well as the types of foods the must avoid. Patients disciplined enough to follow the program enjoy a high rate of success. The only question is, are you ready?

Be sure to click on CHINESE HERBAL WEIGHT LOSS TINCTURE at the top of the page, and learn how it can help you reach your weight loss goals.